Q: Where do I sign up?
Simply click here:Sign Up

Q: How much does the service cost?
To receive faxes is absolutely FREE. When sending faxes, per minute rates apply

Q: Will Fax2Email slow down our servers?
The faxes are compressed down to a very small size and will not affect your servers

Q: Can my fax number be rerouted to a new email address if mine changes?
Yes. Although it will depend on your company policy if it is a company issued number.

Q: How secure will my faxes be?
Faxes can’t be intercepted, they’re just as safe as your emails

Q: Once I have signed up for Fax2Email when will I be able to receive faxes on my 086 number?
Following registration, Fax2Email numbers are immediately active

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive?
No not at all, you may receive as many faxes as you like and will remain free

Q: What happens when I receive two faxes at the same time?
Unlike conventional fax machines Fax2Email allows you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously and will not give the sender a busy signal

Q: How many Fax2Email numbers do I qualify for?
As many as you wish! You can connect multiple Fax2Email numbers to only one email address and can also attach one Fax2Email number to a maximum of four email addresses

Q: Will I need any specific hardware or software for Fax2Email to work?
No, there is no new hardware or software required

Q: What do I do if I lose my fax number?
Simply contact us on support@sisha.net

Q: I need to send a received fax to somebody else?
Simply forward the email as you would any other email to the person making sure you include the attachment (i.e. the fax)

Q: Can I sign up for Email2Fax to send faxes?
Yes, users are charged per minute on a prepaid system when sending faxes

Q: Do I have to register for both Fax2Email and Email2Fax?
No, you may register only for the service you wish to use or both if you prefer

Q: What ports does PC2Fax utilise?
8090 and 8091

Q: If I sign up will I be bound by any type of contract?
No, you can stop using the service at any time. There are however certain Terms & Conditions to protect involved parties

Q: What format will I receive my faxes in?
Your fax will be delivered as either a TIFF image, which is viewable on most operating systems. Or if you prefer in PDF format for which you will require Abobe Reader. Downloadable here www.adobe.com if you do not have it installed already

Q: If my computer is off what happens if I receive a fax?
Your fax will be treated as a standard email and will be delivered as soon as you log on