SishaFax advancing Fax2Email in the South African Market

Hein Uys CEO of Systems

After a challenging financial climate in 2009, it was even more pertinent that organizations ensured that all finances were allocated wisely. Companies learned to stop wasting and start innovating. Hence the 49% growth experienced in the SA Fax2Email market when comparing May 2009 to May 2010. Systems Spreads Christmas Cheer

Suzanne Badenhorst (right) handing over presents to Theunette Schubert (left) on behalf of Systems

On hearing that the children from the Ram Kamp settlement outside of Kleinfontein were in need of Christmas presents, Systems (Pty) Ltd stepped in and spread the Christmas cheer. Systems provided a whole load of presents for the children and definitely made sure that come Christmas Day there would be a lot of [...]

SishaFax Survey results confirms great Fax2Email service


We are proud to announce that the results of the Fax2Email Customer Survey exceeded our wildest expectations. With an exceptionally positive response received from our users it has become apparent that our users are as serious about good service as we are about providing it. Unfortunately in the Fax2Email market there are a lot of [...]

What can SishaFax do for your business?


At SishaFax we are currently saving millions of rands for our clients. All of whom are making use of our Free Fax2Email service. If any lesson is to be learned from the recent economic downturn, it has to be that regardless of the current economic situation an organisation should always perform at optimal standards. The [...]

Benefits of VoIP

The deregulation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony in 2005 has changed the way in which many South African companies conduct business. VoIP is simply the use of the internet for the transmission of telephone calls. VoIP converts the client’s voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet and allows users to [...]

What is IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated call-handling system that interacts with callers, gathers information and allows clients to deal more effectively with their customers. IVR systems can be tailored to meet any business’s requirements and are capable of bringing significant benefits to your company. IVR makes it easy for callers to receive or provide [...]

An Introduction to Fax2Email

After years of abusing our planet we have finally woken up to the fact that we have to care for the environment we live in. There have been plenty of initiatives launched in various sectors and industries to curb our destruction of natural resources. One of these initiatives is Fax2Email, which essentially is the sending [...]

Evolution of Fax

Around the globe there is a general misconception that fax as a method of document transmission is redundant and outdated and has been replaced by scanning of documents and email. Despite the arrival of email and the Internet, fax technology has not disappeared, specifically in South Africa and the African continent. There are nearly 200 [...]

How Digital Technology is Affecting Business

The digital shift which includes the internet, online business and digital products can be seen as a lifeline for businesses looking for ways to prosper in the current economic climate.